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Diego Cavallari

Founder and CEO of Brainpower co, with many years of experience gained in the technological and innovation sector, coordinates the various Business Units of the Milanese group.

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Annarita Fidanza

Architect  and Designer with long experience in planning and supervising renovation works, with a great passion for art, tackling each project as a real journey, trying to find a meeting point between functionality and aesthetics .
My goal is to transform ideas into reality, creating exclusive, refined spaces and interiors of great elegance.

Isabella Lazzini

Established Manager, with passion  for Art and Design, in his free time he loves to paint and draw. For Brainpower co  he oversaw the production of artistic works and supervised the interior design for properties in the city of Milan.

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Marta Baldi

Eclectic architect, specialized in the creation of environments for residential and commercial use characterized by a high artistic and creative component.

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